PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Marketers’ pay on the rise

Marketers are earning more money, according to the Robert Walters 2012 Salary Survey.

The study reveals that although the greatest increases have been enjoyed by contract workers, marketing salaries have increased across the board.  

2011 saw permanent marketing salaries grow 1.1 per cent in London, while contractors saw a 3.4 per cent growth in their earnings.

Those working in digital marketing saw particularly significant increases in their earnings, with salaries of up to £45,000 for executives (compared to £40,000 a year ago), £65,000 at the manager level (£55,000) and £120,000 for marketing directors (£100,000).

Tim Gilbert, director of marketing recruitment at Robert Walters, said, "With market conditions remaining challenging, the fact that marketing pay is on the rise in London – albeit at a relatively slow pace on the permanent side – is encouraging.

"The rise in contract rates reflects where employers’ priorities lie at the moment. They are focusing on discernible return on investment meaning contractors who can come in and deliver a project within a set time frame are valued at the moment."