PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT NEWS: Tribe launches Irish recruitment bootcamp

Following its success in the UK, marketing agency Tribe has launched its ‘Brand Warrior’ recruitment model in Ireland. The campaign aims to establish Tribe as an experiential agency specialising in creative events.

The first stage of the recruitment process involves a 20-minute telephone interview that filters out 35 per cent of applicants. This is followed by 'The Bootcamp Group Interview'. This stage tests candidates’ pitching skills, initiative, team working, problem solving and ensure that only proven skilled sales staff can become Brand Warriors on this specific activity.

Plus, the focus of these sessions is easily flexed depending on the client's requirements.

Tribe’s director, Chris Russell explained: “As we continue our European expansion plans it is vital we keep building the resources that give us the capability to deliver high-volume tactical campaigns.

“This is exactly what we are doing in Ireland and will do in other countries, as we continue to grow.”

Meanwhile Gregory Mason,  talent director at Tibe, said: “Other agencies may just sub-contract their staffing needs completely. But we have worked so hard on our recruitment and training processes to ensure we lead the way in the industry, so it would be ridiculous not to employ them wherever our work takes us.”