A quarter of all B2B marketers take a career break, study finds

More than a quarter (26%) of all B2B marketers have taken a career break at some point in their lives, according to a new report by B2B Marketing and Circle Research.

The research also revealed that, of those who have taken a career break, the average break lasts just over one year.

While the majority of career breaks are taken by women, 22% of those who’ve taken a break are male.

The research also found that a hiatus can impede the speed of progression up the career ladder, although, it didn’t necessarily stop marketers from reaching the top, with 38% of CMOs having taken a break at some point.

Danielle Howe, reports editor at B2B Marketing, said: "Taking a career break is no longer seen as a barrier to success, and this is borne out by our research – taking a year out to travel the world might slow you down, but it won’t stop you from reaching the top.

“The fact that a considerable proportion of men are also taking time off is indicative of the increasing rise in shared parental leave – a trend we can expect to see continue in the coming months and years.”

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