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RESEARCH NEWS: B2B ecommerce linked to an increase in sales

Online-only customers are more active than offline-only customers according to a report from Forrester Research and Hybris looking at B2B ecommerce.

Speaking about the report at the Game Plan: B2B Ecommerce Forum in Berlin on October 29th, Andy Hoar, senior analyst at Forrester Research, revealed 59 per cent of online-only customers added extra items to their order and 56 per cent ordered more frequently.

Urging more B2B brands to take ecommerce seriously Hoar also revealed 44 per cent of respondents said they could build customer loyalty more effectively when selling via ecommerce and 53 per cent of EMEA respondents said it was cheaper to support online customers.

Highlighting the growth in B2B ecommerce a Forrester report published in October 2012 found US B2B ecommerce revenue has now more than doubled that of B2C, with $559 billion annually in sales.

Brian Walker, senior vice president, strategy at Hybris said: “By recognising the potential and market value of selling online, B2B businesses will come to find that ecommerce is a goldmine for retaining customers and building loyalty.

“B2B companies must offer a world-class experience akin to B2C throughout the customer lifecycle to stay ahead of the competition in both revenue and customer loyalty.”