RESEARCH NEWS: B2B marketers 'lack lead nurturing strategies'

The majority of UK B2B marketers are missing sales opportunities due to a lack of lead scoring or nurturing programmes.

According to research commissioned by Eloqua and carried out by YouGov, 75 per cent of UK marketers have no lead scoring programme and 85 per cent have no nurturing programme.

Despite the apparent inability to accurately qualify leads for sales, 55 per cent of respondents described their relationship with sales as well or tightly aligned.

Speaking about the conflicting results Sylvia Jensen, director of EMEA Marketing at Eloqua said, “The study results indicate there is a clear disconnect in how marketers perceive alignment between the sales and marketing department and what is actually being done to get these two teams working together better to grow revenue. Lead nurturing and lead scoring are necessary for sales to receive the most qualified leads. When the sales team can concentrate on high quality leads, close rates drastically increase along with revenue for the company.”

The survey of 252 UK B2B marketers was used to highlight the benefit of marketing automation.