RESEARCH NEWS: Consulting firms ignoring thought leadership best practice

Consulting firms are ignoring thought leadership best practices for their own content despite urging clients to invest in it.

The findings come from a report – Delivering thought leadership online – by Source Information Services (Source) that ranks the best and worst firms and identifies areas for improvement.

The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Co and IBM ranked first, second and third respectively. The report found common weaknesses included poor homepages, buried content, and a clunky browsing experience with no ability to filter search results.

Edward Haigh, director of Source, concluded, “There are plenty of opportunities for consultants to review and revise their websites and online presence in 2013. If Source could suggest the perfect website for consulting firms, it would be easy to find, have a distinct look and feel, make good use of different media, be organised around topics, and leave the user with no doubt what matters the most to the firm.”