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RESEARCH NEWS: Creativity dropping in the workplace

Creative professionals are struggling to produce creative and effective campaigns in an increasingly stressful work environment, according to a new survey by iStock by Getty Images.

One in two (48 percent) creatives believes levels of creativity in their industry have stagnated or declined in last decade and 23 per cent spend less than two hours of their day doing ‘creative’ work, according to the study. 

Too many responsibilities and a lack of time and funding are the three main barriers to creativity in a creative’s job. For example, the majority (60 per cent) of creatives said that they have had ‘great ideas’ in the last year but not enough time or support at work to achieve what they wanted.

Plus, 70 per cent of respondents said they want more ‘creative time’ and 63 per cent said they do not have the time they need for ‘creative reflection and inspiration’.

Meanwhile, only one in three (34 per cent) rate the workplace as one of their top three locations for creativity. However, nearly three quarters (71 per cent) of respondents believe that new tools and technologies have enabled them to be more creative in the workplace.

Ellen Desmarais, general manager at iStock said: “Our research raises questions around the state of creativity today in industries vital to the global economy.

“When you consider that global revenues last year in the advertising industry alone were nearly half a trillion dollars, declining creativity is cause for alarm and should prompt an industry-wide discussion. The bottom line is: we need to free the creative.”