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RESEARCH NEWS: Global framework needed on business and human rights

Only one third of businesses measure their impact on human rights according to a survey commissioned by the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB).

The global online survey revealed that while only a small amount of respondents measure their impact on human rights, 97 per cent believe businesses must respect the rights of those they come in to contact with. Two thirds said they planned on beginning to report on the impact within the next five years.

The survey reveals the good intentions of businesses but highlights the need for a robust approach to the issue. The United Nations-endorsed, ‘Protect, respect, remedy’ framework on business and human rights is due to be approved by the UN Human Rights Council this week.

Sarah Macleod, CEO of Echo Research, the analysis and research company who conducted the survey said, “The new UN framework is both timely and necessary.”

Respondents came from several sectors including manufacturing, retail and professional services, and most were from companies with global operations.