RESEARCH NEWS: Marketers move jobs more often than any other profession

Marketers change employer more frequently than any other profession in the UK, according to the Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey.

The research reveals a whopping 57 per cent of marketers think they should move company at least every three years in order to progress their careers. This compares to a national average of 42 per cent.  

Marketing professionals also admitted they are more motivated by an interesting job than a high salary. Some 67 per cent of marketers say the interestingness of their day-to-day job is ‘very important’ to their job satisfaction, higher than any other group surveyed.

Meanwhile, marketers have seen the biggest jump in their working hours over the past two years, with 38 per cent now working at least 50-hour weeks compared to 24 per cent in 2011.

Tim Gilbert, director of marketing recruitment at Robert Walters, said:  “Most marketers feel that the best way of developing their professional expertise is to change jobs frequently – typically, this provides them with a variety of experience that they simply do not get by staying with the same employer for a number of years. Organisations typically value the varied skills of someone who has routinely changed roles every two to three years.”