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RESEARCH NEWS: Printers & designers reveal business challenges

Over a third of UK printers and designers say the economy is the main issue impacting their business, according the new research by Arjowiggins Graphic.

The greatest environmental challenge facing the business over the next two – three years is responding to client demands (31 per cent), followed by finding ways to appropriately communicate their environmental practices (25 per cent). 

Consequently, 76 per cent of respondents said using recycled papers was either very important or important to their organisation, with over half stating that they currently use recycled paper. A further 90 per cent believe the environmental credentials of their paper manufacturer are also important. 

Angela De Vorchik, operational marketing manager at Arjowiggins Graphic said: “Ensuring that your business is operating sustainably is important, as environmental credentials are a growing consideration for customers, just as respondents’ concerns about client demands shows. 

“A simple way to incorporate sustainable practices into the fabric of the operation is in choosing recycled papers. Not only does this reduce the company’s carbon emissions and waste to landfill, but provides a really simple way to communicate the organisation’s commitment to the environment.”