RESEARCH NEWS: Psst have you heard...marketers are the 'biggest office gossips'

Marketing professionals are bigger gossips than other colleagues according to a survey commissioned by Mars Drinks Office Connections.

The survey of 2000 UK office staff found 40 per cent of marketers said they enjoyed gossiping about other people they worked with. It was also revealed that those in marketing spend 33 minutes and 40 seconds talking about non-work related subjects every day, almost six minutes more than the average worker.

While the survey results may be a tad on the salacious side, it did demonstrate enterprise social networks may not be useful for internal communication with 60 per cent of marketers preferring a face-to-face conversation.

Speaking about the results of the research, Jenni Morgan, trade marketing manager for Mars Drinks Office Connections, said: “It’s great this research shows that people still value talking to their colleagues face-to-face, rather than from behind a screen. Not only is this great for nurturing working relationships, but it can also help make us more productive and create a much more positive and happy office environment.”