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RESEARCH NEWS: SME employees pull together says Make It Cheaper

Business comparison service Make It Cheaper has revealed that nearly 80 per cent of UK SMEs have escaped without having to make redundancies over the past year thanks to their resilient staff.

The survey, of 1000 businesses from the comparison sites customer base, discovered 45 per cent of staff in SMEs have accepted a pay freeze, agreed to less hours or worked more hours for free.

Make It Cheaper compares this behaviour to the ‘unionised' staff of larger businesses who "disrupt vital services by striking in protest at wage freezes and reduced hours."

Successful financial cut backs aside from staff reductions included energy-saving strategies and increasing Internet presence. Commenting on the spirit of SME employees Jonathan Elliott, MD of Make It Cheaper says, "Perhaps employees should take this opportunity to map out a future pay rise when milestones are reached."