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RESEARCH: Report shows businesses are failing to get the basics right

Econsultancy and RedEye, digital marketing and conversion rate specialists, have discovered businesses are failing to get the basics right and are suffering low conversion rates as a consequence.

The report published this month claims many companies do not carry out regular tests on their website and fail to segment their customers, despite the fact that both techniques are linked with improved performance.

It states 39 per cent of digital marketers were dissatisfied with their conversion rates. The report is based on research conducted over two months with more than 700 digital marketers being surveyed.

Companies which were satisfied with their conversion rates were found to complete four times as many tests on their web properties per month than those who were dissatisfied. Web analytics was found to play the biggest role in improving conversion rates with 80 per cent of respondents saying it had a positive effect.

Linus Gregoriadis, research director at Econsultancy, says, "Conversion rates are hindered by a lack of ownership. If an organisation has someone directly responsible for conversion they are more then twice as likely to have experienced improved conversion rates in the last 12 months."