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ROI NEWS: Global leaders to prove communication industry’s value

A new worldwide campaign demonstrating how public relations measurement can improve brand equity, corporate reputation, employee engagement, stock price and other business objectives is set to be launch by June.

The initiative is led by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC) and the Institute for Public Relations. Its first step consists of a survey into the attitudes of communicators towards programme measurement as well as into the new thinking which is needed to get business leaders to place more value on public relations activity.

The results will be presented at the European Summit on Measurement, held in Lisbon (Portugal) on June 9. The event will feature a dedicated session called ‘Measurement Agenda 2020’, where communications professionals will discuss the survey findings and vote to establish the main elements of the ‘2020 Measurement Agenda.’

Commenting on the initiative, David Rockland, director of AMEC and partner at public relation agency Ketchum, said, “This is a major initiative to learn what we need to do to prove the value of communications to CEOs and finance directors who do not know how to put a proper value on their PR spend.”

“The industry needed learn from management consultancies to arm client organisations – from heads of communications to chief marketing officers – with analytics and language that are consistent and easily understood by CEOs and board directors and show the true impact of public relations on their business.”

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