Rozovest Business Analytics acquired and renamed by CI Group

CI Group has acquired IT services company Rozovest Business Analytics, rebranding it as Pearl Analytics.

The acquisition aimed to continue CI Group’s goal of expansion, and the company have said the move now means it’s on track to meet its target of a £20 million turnover.

Pearl Analytics will hold onto its office in Amsterdam but will now also operate in Soho and Oxfordshire offices.

CI Group also acquired digital agency Diginut, just under two months ago, to boost its digital marketing capabilities.

David Watt, CEO at CI Group, said he was confident that MD and co-founder of Pearl Analytics Robert Mol could deliver what he was looking for.

“As we grow the capabilities of the CI Group, I have been acutely aware of the need to be able to offer our clients data analytics that drives business transformation.

"We are still looking to develop the Group further. We continue to search for talent, skills and expertise that will further enhance the capabilities of the Group and extend the range of solutions that we can provide our clients,” said Watt.

Mol agreed that analytics and digital transformation was becoming crucial to clients’ business, marketing, sales, profitability and even survival.

“I wanted to bring what we can do to a wider audience. Joining the CI Group, its comprehensive range of services and fantastic blue-chip clients will help me do that. In return we will provide the insights that will make CI Group’s work even more focused and effective,” he said.

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