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SEARCH MARKETING: Greenlight warns e-commerce websites about Google’s Panda

Search marketing specialist and technology firm Greenlight is urging UK e-commerce websites to take the necessary measures to protect their rankings and visibility. This follows the news that Google’s new algorithm, Panda, could soon be spread across UK websites.

Google’s Panda was created to tackle content farms and hit purveyors of low quality contents. It is said to destroy the rankings of sites that many Google users are not willing to see in search engine results pages. Panda was launched in the US and is due to reach the UK soon. 

Responding to Google’s latest algorithm, Greenlight is giving out guidelines in order to help businesses avoid negative impacts to their websites.

Businesses should aim to attract as many clicks as possible when ranking in Google, by optimising the messages being put across to users with the page title, meta description and URL. They should also keep their users happy by providing a rich experience, with as much supporting multimedia as possible.

Adam Bunn, director of SEO at Greenlight, said, “Regardless of what Google is doing, these are all the basic requirements for almost any online business, which get at the heart of what Google algorithm updates, and indeed SEO are all about.”