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SEARCH MARKETING NEWS: Google to allow trademarked words in AdWords

Google has made more changes to the way it treats trademarked words and phrases in its Google AdWords platform.

Advertisers will now be able to include trademarked words and phrases in their AdWords campaigns with out the trademark owners' permission.

Since May 2008 advertisers have been able to bid on trademarked words on Google, but have not been allowed to use them within advert text without the trademark owner's permission. Apple famously did not allow its resellers to use it's trademarked words in this way.

One of the stipulations of the new rules is that links must be included from the text to a page about the trademark or product, a rule that will prove attractive to resellers and retailers but not to competitors.

Resellers are being advised to renew their ads in time for the September 14 start date and make sure trademarked words are linked to appropriate pages.

The change bring the UK in line with Google's policy in the USA.

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