SEARCH MARKETING NEWS: Microsoft and Yell join forces to benefit SMBs

Microsoft Corp and Yell Group plan to create a global alliance to assist SMBs with their digital solutions.

Yell, the directory giant has 1.3 million SMB advertisers across the US, UK, Spain and Latin America and hopes to capitalise on the search alliance Microsoft  has with Yahoo and Bing. As part of the planned partnership, Microsoft and Yell will offer search, mobile and local advertising solutions to SMBs.

Yell will offer the full suite of Microsoft’s SMB business software, while the technology company will assist Yell in pushing forward its cloud-based services.

Thomas Hansen, vice president of SMB worldwide at Microsoft, said, "We are very excited about our plans to form a strategic alliance with Yell, as it offers us a way to better reach and serve small and medium sized businesses across the globe."

Mike Pocock, Yell Group CEO, said, "Our plans to form a global strategic alliance with Microsoft will help us launch our local, cloud-based marketplace, serving the growing needs of our customers by providing comprehensive digital advertising, productivity and business solutions at scale."