SEARCH MARKETING NEWS: Tablet users click more often on search adverts

Paid search adverts targeted to tablets provide a 37 per cent higher click through rate than desktop ads, according to research from online advertising platform provider, Marin Software.

Research, from its Paid Search Quarterly Benchmarking Report, revealed that tablet users tended to click on paid search ads at a higher rate than desktop or smartphone users. Giving even more reason for marketers to optimise adverts for tablet devices, the report revealed the average CPC for ads served to tablets was 29 per cent lower than desktops.

Despite the positive news about paid advertising performance on tablets, the benchmarking report showed only two per cent of paid search spend was assigned to tablet devices, while desktops received 93 per cent and smartphones 5 per cent.

Ed Stevenson, MD of EMEA and APAC at Marin Software said, “As peoples’ desktop browsing habits carry over to devices like the iPad we anticipate advertisers will shift spend and ad strategy accordingly. To achieve the best results, advertisers will need to develop specific programmes for each device type.”

To download a copy of the benchmarking report, visit the Marin Software website.