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SEARCH MARKETING NEWS: Twitter, Facebook and MySpace tell Google 'Don't Be Evil'

Engineers at Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have teamed together to produce a ‘Don’t Be Evil’ tool to combat Google’s ‘Search Plus Your World’ feature.

‘Don’t Be Evil’ is a bookmarklet – small piece of code added to a web browser to gain additional functionality – that users can download to give them more relevant social search results that go beyond just Google Plus results.

The creators insist their tool isn’t biased towards certain social networks, it just does behind the scenes what a manual Google search does. Don’t Be Evil conducts a Google search and looks at the first 10 pages of results, then picks out the highest ranked results as judged by Google.

The tool is a tongue in cheek response from the creators who are using Google’s philosophy of ‘wanting to focus on what’s best for the users’ against them.  ‘Don’t Be Evil’ can be downloaded from