SEARCH MARKETING NEWS: Video tops Google's listings

Searchmetrics has confirmed that B2B marketers need to focus on videos and images as part of their SEO strategy.

As part of its study, the search analytics software company analysed the various types of universal search content that are included in Google’s general search listing. Video appeared most frequently and was displayed in over 70 per cent of search results, images were second and appeared in over 30 per cent of results.

Dr Horst Joepen, CEO of Searchmetrics, said, “We found that video and images are highly visible in Google UK searches when compared with other types of universal search content. So it makes sense for marketers to increase the volume of video and image content they’re creating and to optimise it both on their own sites and on third party sites such as YouTube and Flickr.”

The four month study was based on analysis of the universal search results that appear in the top 100 listings in Google’s UK index for approximately 28 million search terms.


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