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SEARCH NEWS: B2B marketing must adapt as search goes mobile

Internet users are shunning their desktops as they turn to mobile devices for search and B2B marketers must react accordingly. Research published by search and social conversion agency Tamar suggests that desktop search is falling 15 per cent annually, as Smartphones become increasingly popular. This shift could have significant implications for B2B marketers, who must ensure their campaigns are able to retain their impact when accessed via mobile search channels. Google UK CEO Matt Brittin says that the company designs everything first for mobile, and then other platforms. His said: "If you think the internet revolution is big, the mobile revolution is going to be bigger and much more widespread and faster." Tanya Goodin, CEO of Tamar said: "€œThe UK leads European countries in Smartphone adoption with 70% growth in the past year, which has driven these changes. Brands will need to revisit their search strategies to plan and implement agile and responsive engagement with their consumers that addresses not only the continual evolution of the search engines but also the migration of users to mobile search."