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SEARCH NEWS: Bing launches ‘Bing it on’ campaign in the UK

Bing has launched a ‘Bing it on’ campaign in the UK, asking users to compare its search results directly against Google.

This is a big challenge for Microsoft as Google currently have an estimated market share of between 85 and 90 per cent in the UK.

However, announcing the campaign via its blog Microsoft referred to a recent ‘blind taste test’ by Answers Research of the UK’s most popular web searches. The research found that users preferred Bing to Google.

The Bing team commented on the findings: ‘Despite having used Google’s own top queries, after carrying out 10 searches, 53 per cent of people surveyed picked Bing search results more often, 34 per cent of people picked Google results more often, and 13 per cent of people chose Bing and Google results an equal number of times.

‘Even when you compare it by query, Bing was preferred more often. Out of 10,000 searches carried out, Bing search results were chosen 39 per cent of the time, whilst Google results were chosen 32 per cent of the time and 29 per cent of searches were draws.’

As part of the campaign Microsoft has launched The site is designed to allow users discover what search engine’s results they prefer. Similar to the research, users are invited to do five search queries to compare the two search engine results. During this comparison the individual search engines’ branding will be stripped off. For each search, the user will choose a winner or decide on a draw. Finally, the summary will tell you what search engine’s results the user prefers.