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SEARCH NEWS: Google Instant research reveals 'win-win situation'

Advertisers, users and the search giant are all benefitting from the launch of Google Instant, according to a new report by Marin Software. The updated version of Google's search page, which provides real-time results as the user types, has led to overall impressions for paid search ads rose by nine per cent, while clicks on search results rose by more than five per cent. Google Instant has coincided with a just under two per cent increase in advertiser costs and an average cost-per-click rate decrease of more than three per cent. Ed Stevenson, European managing director at Marin Software comments: "€œGoogle Instant was seen as a big gamble for Google when the company announced it, but it has proved to be a positive change for the industry.  "Google has won with a two per cent increase in revenues, whilst advertisers and agencies have won with higher volumes and a reduction in CPCs, so it is a win-win situation."