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SEARCH NEWS: Google introduces new verbatim search tool

Following complaints from users about the removal of the ‘plus’ search tool on Google, the search engine brand has announced the launch of a new verbatim option to SERPs.

The tool interprets what the user types into Google literally – it doesn’t make automatic spelling corrections, personalise results based on past searches and it won’t search for similar words to the one the user has entered (e.g. such as ‘running’ when the user has typed ‘run’).

SEO company, QueryClick said that this new tool will give users more control over their search results and will give them results tailored to their original search query.

Christopher Liversidge, managing direct at QueryClick, commented, “The plus tool was one of the older tools in Google, and it was retried because it was believed that there was a better way to find an exact match in a result. However, Google have obviously been quite taken aback by the number of complaints they had from their users when the plus tool was removed, and so they have created a verbatim tool which allows users to have more control over their results.”