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SEARCH NEWS: Google I/O Developer's Conference announcements



Google has announced a package of new enhancements at its annual I/O Developer's Conference's keynote speech. These include changes to Google Maps, Google+ and Android.

Google Maps
The web giant has unveiled a new version of its Maps web service, which Google says has been "rebuilt from the ground up".

The 'experimental' redesign aims to personalise the product, labelling locations to match individual users' interests.

New icons will highlight businesses running ads and promotions near a location, which overlay the map. This could make Google Maps more attractive to advertisers, who have previously focused on Google's main search page.

Maps will also show clouds hovering over the world in real time, displaying how Earth looks from the Milky Way as the sun sets.

Some 41 new features will be added to Google’s social network, including the use of bigger pictures and related hashtags. The image-focused design is similar to Pinterest and Facebook.

Meanwhile, a new stand-alone Hangouts app was announced for web, Android and iOS.

Set to be launched on Wednesday, the app will focus on conversations, rather than contacts. Users will be able to send text, photos and video within the app. There is also an option to delete shared content with others during a Hangout.

Play Music All Access
The company also announced a new music service, Google Play Music All Access, which "blends your music collection with ours" and will work across multiple devices. 

It has been reported Google has secured a deal with record labels, which include Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group.

Priced at $9.99, it will be a direct competitor to Spotify's monthly subscription service.