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SEARCH NEWS: Google launches tag management kit

Google has added a new tag management tool kit to its existing analytics package.

Marketers can use the tool to look after their website tags, and ensure they are working for their brands rather than against them, without having to involve the IT department.

Laura Holmes, product manager at Google Tag Manager, said, “Tags are tiny bits of website code that can help provide useful insights, but they can also cause challenges.

“Too many tags can make sites slow and clunky; incorrectly applied tags can distort your measurement; and it can be time-consuming for the IT department or webmaster team to add new tags – leading to lost time, lost data, and lost conversions.”

Voices from the tag management space have welcomed Google’s arrival in the market.

Ali Behnam, CEO of Tealium, said, “Google’s new tag management product validates the market and highlights the growing demand for solutions that streamline digital complexity.

“We welcome Google to the tag management field. Their solution is suitable for small businesses that use a lot of Google products, and have limited digital marketing requirements.” 

Google has produced a video explaining more about the new tools.