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SEARCH NEWS: Google Maps announces ‘relevant ads’

Google has announced an ‘updated ad experience’ called ‘relevant ads’ to its Google Maps app, in an aim to be more attractive to users and more effective for business.

These relevant ads now appear at the bottom of the screen after a user performs a search.The ad includes an array of information, such as title, ad text  and a link to the location. When users click on an ad to get location details, they’ll see additional information such as the business’s address, phone number, photos and reviews. 

Google has explained that ‘Get location details' will work as a new click type with a standard CPC charge. Paid clicks include the initial 'get location details' click, get directions, click-to-call and clicks on the ad headline. AdWords will only charge for up to two paid clicks per ad impression.

Meanwhile, free actions include saving business information for later, sharing a business with a friend or starting navigation.

Salahuddin Choudhary, product manager at Google Maps, said in a blog post: ‘Over one billion people use Google Maps services every month. On the Google Maps app, these users are often searching for local businesses - from restaurants, to car dealerships, to dentists, and more. Recently, we launched a new version of the Google Maps app for Android, iPhone, and iPad where we introduced several new features. Today we’re introducing an updated ad experience we think is more attractive for users and more effective for advertisers.’

Images via Google