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SEARCH NEWS: Google releases Chrome beta for Android

Google has released a beta of its popular Chrome web browser, which is now available on Android devices carrying the 4.0 version of its operating system.

The long awaited move offers Android users the ability to fully sync their desktop and mobile browsing experiences, meaning favoured search terms are remembered across multiple devices.

There is also an emphasis on speed, text resizing and the multi-tab browsing mobile Chrome offers its users.

In a blog introducing the new product Google’s Sundar Pichai, SVP, Chrome and apps, said,  “Like the desktop version, Chrome for Android Beta is focused on speed and simplicity, but it also features seamless sign-in and sync so you can take your personalised web browsing experience with you wherever you go, across devices.”

No indication has yet been given as to when the beta version may turn into a full release. 

Early anecdotal indications suggest the browsing experience is very impressive, though not without its bugs.