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SEARCH NEWS: Google search just got personal

Google Plus members are starting to see their SERP returns include responses from their social web as well as the internet as a whole.

The move, described by Google as ‘Search plus your world,’ is a huge move towards creating a new social web and creates new possibilities for marketers, who are now more likely to see relevance in ensuring they have a meaningful Google Plus presence.

Everyone’s search pages will now look slightly different whenever anyone in a user’s network has commented on or recommended something related to the search term in question.

However criticism of the move is being voiced, most notably from Google Plus’s social media rival Twitter.

The micro blogging site released a statement claiming that the trust people have always had in Google’s ability to deliver the most relevant search results possible has been eroded thanks to this move.

This opinion is not without its merit; the move is clearly designed to push Google Plus, offering an advantage that Facebook and Twitter could only ever dream of.

But whether Google’s ability to return relevant results is really damaged: only time will tell.

What do you think about the move? What does it say about the validity of the social web? Will it encourage you to start making more use of Google Plus?