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SEARCH NEWS: Google upgrades AdWords

Google has upgraded AdWords to simplify marketing campaigns targeting multi-device users.

Key features of the upgrade include marketing tools for multi-devices, ads optimised for varying user contexts, and reports to measure new conversion types.

The internet giant states the benefit of the enhanced campaigns upgrade lies in ‘ads [being] based on context like location, time of day and device type, across all devices without having to set up and manage several separate campaigns.’

While Google claims the upgrade will aid marketers in making multi-device campaigns simpler, Adobe comments on the possible negative impact on advertisers.

On Adobe’s company blog, Bill Mungovan, director of product marketing and strategy for media and advertising solutions, mentions that by comparing and targeting tablet and desktop traffic together, Google’s revenue-per-search (RPS) will increase. Currently, tablet search costs-per-click (CPC) for advertisers is relatively low, however, combining tablet and desktop traffic will drive tablet CPCs up.

Mungovan says, “The down­side... in the long run is [advertisers] may see lower over­all return-on-investment (ROI) as these CPCs creep up.”