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SEARCH NEWS: Rumours heat up ahead of Google's I/O conference

The rumour mill is hotting up ahead of Google’s I/O conference next week.  According to the Google Operating System blog Google is about to launch a new interface for Google Maps.

The blog published screen shots of the Google update. This will remove the sidebar and display everything on top of the full-screen map. One of the new features allows the useer to restrict local search results to places recommended by top reviews or your Google+ circles.

It is thought this update is aimed at mobile users. Instead of focusing on navigational elements, buttons and sidebars, the new Google Maps focuses on the map. Google has also updated map colors, icons, text styles.

Meanwhile, Google has rolled out the first software update for Glass, changing the version name to XE5, according to the owners of Google Glass.

New features include incoming Google+ and Hangout notifications and the ability to comment and +1 posts directly through Glass.

Plus data syncing in the background now requires power and Wi-Fi connection, transcription of queries and messages is faster, and the battery-charge estimation has been improved.