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SEARCH NEWS: Yahoo acquires Xobni

Yahoo has acquired Xobni, a product suite which makes your inbox and address book smarter, for an undisclosed sum.

Yahoo will integrate Xobni’s technology into its communication products including email and instant messaging.

This is the latest in a string of activity which include the acquisition of blogging site Tumblr, a Flickr design revamp and the integration of Twitter into its homepage’s news feed, in a bid to remain relevant.

In a blog post Xobni said: “Did you ever meet someone who truly “gets" you?  That’s how we feel about Yahoo!

"The power within every Xobni product is that it responds to how you communicate.  Every day you demonstrate who and what is important to you.  That can benefit not just your inbox or smartphone, but the many services you use. Yahoo gets that, and they want us to use our platform to make many Yahoo services better for you.”