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SEARCH NEWS: Yahoo revamps Flickr

Yahoo has redesigned its photo sharing platform, Flickr, offering users up to 1TB of free storage.

This follows a busy few weeks for the search engine, which has acquired blog site Tumblr and integrated Twitter into its news frontpage in order to boost traffic. 

Since acquiring Flickr in 2005, Yahoo has increased the number of users, but failed to match Instagram and Facebook’s superior social features.

The revamp includes:

  • 1TB free storage.
  • 200MB limit on the size of each photo.
  • A redesigned picture orientated user-interface.
  • A new activity feed allowing users to see both their own recent uploads and their friends.
  • A new Android app offering a more social and photo-centric design.
  • Three minute cap on playback of video clips rather than the earlier limit of 90 seconds.

However, users will now face an annual charge of $49.99 (£33) if they choose to remove ads, double the previous rate. Plus, anyone wishing to double their storage limit to 2TB will be required to pay a whopping $499.99 a year. In the past $24.99 a year Pro accounts offered 'unlimited' space.