Senior female marketers paid 20% less than men

Senior female marketers at professional services firms earn less than their male peers.

On average, senior women plying their trade in marketing at professional services firms across UK&I are paid £20,000 less than senior men, according to a study from PM Forum.

Despite women making up 75% of the professional services marketing workforce, the salary benchmark report exposed a 20.5% gender pay gap in favour of men - above the national average of 19.2%.

While no pay gap existed in junior marketing roles, senior roles witnessed a disparity in top-level positions, where women were consistently earning less than male counterparts.

Nadia Cristina, co-founder and managing partner at PM Forum, said: “While salaries have increased overall in most roles, these figures show we still have a long way to go to address gender parity for marketers at professional firms.”

As from April 2018, UK organisations with 250 or more employees are legally required to publish their gender salary data, with over 500 notable organisations already releasing some startling gender pay figures.

“With pay gap higher than the national average, it's crucial firm-wide leaders commit to addressing this issue for their management professionals as well as their client facing advisers,” Cristina added. “Only by investing in and appropriately rewarding all their people, regardless of gender, can firm-wide leaders eliminate this unfortunate disparity.”