SME NEWS: Outsourcing hot among small businesses

Outsourcing business operations is no longer contained to big businesses. A new research reveals that more than 80 per cent of new and small businesses are warming to outsourcing in a bid to cut costs and gain skills.

The research carried out by, an intermediary website between businesses and service providers, has identified this trend among new and small businesses. The companies surveyed believe that outsourcing will save money and give access to experienced people they need to survive.

Among the organisations that have outsourced, 65 per cent went abroad and the minority stayed in the UK. A quarter of these were most likely to outsource websites and e-commerce.
Loren Holland of OutsourceMy said, "“Outsourcing has mainly been the preserve of larger companies, with few opportunities for start-ups or SMEs to outsource their work or projects. This latest research shows that these businesses need help if they are to succeed in and benefit from outsourcing.”

"“Outsourcing and offshoring allows businesses to access specialist skills, as and when they need them. It also allows businesses to work with suppliers from lower cost economies such as India and Eastern Europe. It is essential that new and small businesses explore these opportunities in order for them to prosper, especially in the current climate."”