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SOCIAL MEDIA: Fake BP Twitter account attracts more followers than the real thing

A fake BP Twitter account has garnered six times as many followers then the real thing after posting satirical messages about the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

BPGlobalPR has been tweeting messages such as "The good news: Mermaids are real. The bad news: They are now extinct. #bpcares," and ""If we had a dollar for every complaint about this oil spill, it wouldn't compare to our current fortune. Oil is a lucrative industry!" and has attracted over 38,000 followers.

Meanwhile, BP America's real Twitter account BP_America, has only attracted 5597 followers.

A BP spokesman Toby Odone said the company is aware of the BPGlobalPR account but have made no plans to remove it. "People are entitled to their views on what we're doing and we have to live with those. We are doing the best we can to deal with the current situation and to try to stop the oil from flowing and to then clean it up" said Odone.