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SOCIAL MEDIA: LinkedIn launches upgraded iPhone app

LinkedIn has launched a new application developed for the iPhone v3.0 which allows members of the social networking group to connect with each other in real time.

The download includes a new search interface to find the 55 million professionals who are member of LinkedIn. A new In Person function, which uses Blue Tooth technology, allows users to find and connect with other people running the LinkedIn application in real time.

The new application also features a redesign of LinkedIn's updates functionality, giving users up-to-date data about their network and the ability to read and submit comments on updates on the iPhone.

LinkedIn members can also use the iPhone app to send messages and invitations to their connections and can now download their connections into their iPhone contacts, with alerts for when a new connection has not yet been downloaded.

The new application also has a revamped profile screens to quickly provide professionals on the move with a summary of a person's details, experience, people they know in common and the ability to mark that person as a favourite.