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SOCIAL MEDIA: LinkedIn unveils new web and mobile products

LinkedIn has launched the beta version of a new web tool, LinkedIn Today, designed to deliver customised and tailored news for professionals, presenting them with the top trending news relevant to their particular industries. 

By highlighting stories that are shared the most by the network’s members, LinkedIn Today will provide a quick and easy way to digest the top news across their specific sectors.

In addition, LinkedIn Today’s members will be allowed to access their professional news through three different lenses – by their connections, industry, and the broader global professional network.

Commenting on the launch, Deep Nishar, SVP of product and user experience at LinkedIn, said, “Having a professional and tailored lens on news and insights is not only an efficient way to gather information for your work day, but it also arms you with the insights you need to make strategic business decisions.” 

LinkedIn Today will also give its members the ability to tweet trending news to their Twitter account, as well as post it to a LinkedIn Group and email it directly to their existing LinkedIn connections.

In another announcement, LinkedIn unveiled the new iPhone application version 3.6, designed to deliver the LinkedIn Today experience to iPhone users. 

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