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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING NEWS: New B2B social networking site

B2B marketers have yet another social network to choose from after the launch of MyBdaily.

Business news site Bdaily has launched its community function with the aim of going beyond simply facilitating online networking. The function will combine the latest news, events and jobs with networking.

MyBdaily has a heavy focus on brand promotion and PR, it heralds itself as a ‘highly effective self-promotional online channel’ and claims to help brands ‘promote their brand and services’.  It does this by allowing users to upload their own news, blogs, events and jobs to the site.

The focus on brands as opposed to individuals is how MyBdaily aims to differentiate itself from existing social networks such as LinkedIn.

Without an exact membership figure due to its recent launch, Bdaily revealed it has 17,000 subscribers and aims to grow the MyBdaily community organically.