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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Adobe launches predictive publishing for Facebook

Adobe Social has launched a new product which allows marketers to predict social content performance to maximise engagement and ROI.

The software predicts social engagement on individual pieces of content and automatically suggests ideal timing to improve how content will perform.

Adobe says this will help social teams deliver content that will best resonate with their audience.

The tool makes engagement predictions and timing recommendations using advanced sentiment analysis and predictive text mining algorithms based on historic data around engagement, post time, and sentiment.

The new predictive publisher prides itself as a "solution that learns as it goes", continually refining recommendations and growing smarter with each action.

The initial version offers Facebook integration, but the software will be available on additional social platforms later this year. 

Bill Ingram, vice president, Adobe Social and Adobe Analytics, Adobe said: “Social marketers have largely had to rely on instinct to uncover not only what resonates but what will maximise future engagement on social platforms. Now we can smarten up social by unlocking the power of predictive analytics.”