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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Alterian reveal social media is critical to marketers' success

Two thirds of marketers have plans to invest in social media marketing (SMM) over the coming 12 months according to marketing solutions provider Alterian.

It quizzed 1068 marketers worldwide and found that 67 per cent feel social media is ‘increasingly important' or ‘critical to success'. Current market trends lean favourably towards social media yet B2B marketers are infamous for being reluctant in its take-up.

Alterian CEO, David Eldridge, expects 2010 to mark the beginning of a digital decade, he says, "Untargeted and irrelevant marketing techniques are now redundant and the results of this survey show many in the industry recognise this. The one thing to remember, however, is that investment in social media marketing is futile without adequate measurement."

The survey highlighted the fact that many marketers have developed an understanding that a SMM strategy needs to be based on listening to customers. A third of those asked are investing in social media monitoring and analysis tools.

The survey results will be launched on a webinar today and a copy of the report can be obtained from here.