SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Alterian teams up with Microsoft Windows Azure platform

CRM technology solutions provider Alterian has announced plans to port Alterian's web and social media engagement solutions to the Microsoft Windows Azure platform.

Alterian will work with Microsoft to build web applications and services which will allow Alterian's customers and partners to benefit from the global presence, real-time scalability and on-demand infrastructure of the Windows Azure platform.

While initial development areas will focus on Alterian's web and social media engagement solutions, other applications will be available in the cloud over time.

"We are pleased that Alterian has chosen the Windows Azure platform as its cloud computing platform," commented Prashant Ketkar, senior director of product marketing, Windows Azure.

"Microsoft is a current user of Alterian's offerings and we see great potential in bringing Alterian's solutions to the cloud. We are confident that the Windows Azure platform will allow Alterian to enhance its position as a world-class provider of customer engagement solutions."

"Smart marketing is all about intelligently listening to customers, learning from them, understanding what needs to be done from a customer engagement perspective, and then proactively speaking to customers in a way that is win-win for everyone involved," said David Eldridge, CEO of Alterian.

"To do this across all communications channels, you need great software. Alterian already has this, but now we're also coupling our software with the world-class cloud computing infrastructure offered by the Windows Azure platform, bringing a wide range of benefits to our customers."


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