SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Aviva launches magical Facebook campaign

Aviva has launched a social media campaign designed to inform young workers of the financial opportunities in their workplace.

The ‘Magic money’ campaign features a series of short film clips of magician Pete Hathway doubling money from passers by. The insurance provider chose to use social media, Facebook specifically, because it was seen as a way to engage, entertain and encourage conversation from the campaign’s target audience.

Speaking about the campaign, Sue Helmont, head of brand at Aviva, said, “Almost half of the UK working population do not have a pension that they or their employer are saving into, and we know that traditional ways of discussing pensions and retirement are not always going to strike a chord with everyone.                           

“For younger workers establishing their careers, it’s understandable that saving for retirement seems a long way off but this is a conversation every employee should be having sooner rather than later.”

The campaign was developed in collaboration with Aviva’s agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and Pretzel Production, and will run over three weeks.