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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: B2B brands fail to track social media activity

The majority of B2B companies are still not tracking their social media activity and are ignoring customers who interact with brand pages online, according to a survey by software company, Satmetrix.

The survey, of 1180 professionals from around the world, revealed 51 per cent of B2B companies have no social media tracking in place, in comparison to 22 per cent of their B2C counterparts. It also revealed 69 per cent of B2B respondents ignored customers who provided feedback via social media because they had no process in place to respond.

For those companies that did measure effectiveness of social media, only four per cent performed sentiment analysis, while the majority (56 per cent) simply counted comments and followers; suggesting measurement techniques are lacking in sophistication.

Speaking about the results, Richard Owen, chief executive officer at Satmetrix said, “Whilst 77 per cent of consumers post about products, 67 per cent of businesses have no means of measuring what is being said and less than one in 20 have any insight into the sentiment of what is being said. This is both a huge threat and a massive lost opportunity.”

The survey coincides with the launch of SparkScore, Satmetrix’s sentiment tracking software designed to harness the power of social media.