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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: B2B brands restrict employees from their social channels

The majority of B2B organisations are more interested in restricting social media, rather than enabling it.

Brands remain cautious about who they allow to represent their company via social media, revealed new research by B2B Marketing. Presumably companies fear employees could damage their repetition by making ill-considered comments.

Only a quarter (26 per cent) of employers allow all employees to represent the company on social media.

A whopping 56 per cent only allow ‘certain employees’ to become their social voice. The remaining 20 per cent either forbid employees from representing the organisation at all, or have no policy, which could potentially be very damaging for the organisation.


For an overview of the full report download the B2B Marketing Social Media Benchmarking Report 2013 key findings document

Download an infographic providing further detail on the report.