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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: B2B marketers to spend on Facebook and not mobile in 2012

B2B marketers are set to show a preference for Facebook but ignore mobile next year according to a survey by email and social media provider, StrongMail.

Out of the 339 B2B respondents, 29 per cent said they would increase marketing spend on Facebook  in 2012 with 25 per cent saying social media management is a key area of investment for their marketing budget.

When asked what mobile programmes they plan to increase investment in, the majority, 34 per cent, said none. The second most popular response, with 24 per cent of respondents, was to build apps.

Overall B2B marketers expect their budgets to either increase or stay the same, 48 per cent and 43 per cent respectively. The least popular channel seemed to be DM with the majority of marketers (29 per cent) declaring they will cut spend on this medium.

The survey gathered feedback from 938 business executives, 339 being specifically B2B. Full survey data is available here.