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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Blogs among ‘most valuable’ B2B content

Blogs are cited by 39 per cent of B2B marketers as their most valuable content asset, according to research published by Eloqua.

And their belief seems to be grounded in reality, with 55 per cent of B2B professionals reporting they turn to blogs in order to gather business information.

These statistics have been revealed alongside publication of the latest Eloqua Grande Guide series, which focuses on B2B blogging best practice.

The free guides contain an impressive mix of materials, and features headline stats as well as infographics and case studies.

Author Mark Schaefer, said, “More than a decade after its creation, blogging remains a black box for many companies, especially B2B marketers.

“Even those businesses that get started often fail to do it right. This guide helps break down the secrets to success so marketers can use this invaluable tool to generate awareness, interest and education, and keep the conversation going.”

Joe Chernov, vice president of content marketing at Eloqua, said, “At Eloqua, we’ve seen firsthand how powerful blogging can be for demonstrating thought leadership and establishing a reputation as a trusted partner among customers and prospects.

“It’s become indispensable in the modern marketing world, and Mark really shows how B2B brands can capitalise on it today.”