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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: BT revamps business networking site

Business social networking site BT Tradespace is re-launching to attract new customers and increase sales.

The site is designed to help SMEs across all sectors communicate with each other and customers online. It claims to be unique as businesses can take bookings for products or services and it is less centered on individuals like sites such as LinkedIn.

BT Tradespace first launched in the UK in 2007. To coincide with the re-launch the networking site has linked with Google to offer its users access to Google Analytics.

The site has a heavy focus on word-of-mouth marketing with existing members creating testimonials to encourage new members. However at the centre of the campaign is a sales promotion element which offers discounts on Cisco Flip cameras and tripods.

The link with Flip video camcorders is part of BT Tradespace's push to promote video marketing as a way in which it can increase search visibility for its customers.

Didier Liautaud, general manage of BT Tradespace says, "Video is a powerful tool in the world of search marketing as it is weighted higher than text in search results, companies can also find themselves being ranked higher due to diverse content." He continues to explain how BT Tradespace offers its members guidance to create quality video content.

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