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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Businesses failing to engage with Facebook fans

Independent research conducted by Recommendly, the new Facebook page management tool, has revealed companies make less than five updates to their Facebook brand pages per month.

The study of 1.7 million Facebook pages also highlighted that businesses are spending less time interacting and engaging their ‘fans’, with 91 per cent of conversations on company pages left unattended.

Primarily aimed at SMEs and marketing professionals, Recommendly is a new free tool that offers insight into fans, identifying the most engaged, active fans. It advises users on the best time to post, identifies powerful conversations to participate in, flags comments and posts that page owners have left unanswered and tracks competitor activity to benchmark overall performance.

Venkata Ramana, CEO, Recommendly, commented, “We recognise Facebook as the online marketing forerunner and with Timeline, Facebook is clearly pushing pages to become more social. Critically, Businesses are stumbling at the starting blocks. Failing to share the right type of content at the right time; respond adequately to fans; participate in conversations; and understand engagement metrics. At Recommendly, we’ve developed a customised Facebook page management solution that drives page performance via daily recommendations, actionable within the tool. Recommendly does all the learning and is able to dynamically provide the page owner with a simple list of ‘things-to-do’ each day. This makes page management a simple 10-minute affair.”